We suggest the following:

  1. If you are a registered diplomat, click -->Upload invoice
    ONLY for diplomats!!- Upload your invoices.
  2. If you are a registered shop, click -->Register as shop
    Then you can receive invoices/VAT statements/E-Certificates by email.
  3. register diplomat: if you have a contract with us, click -->REGISTER
    Then you can upload invoices.
  4. For export taxfree : If you leave EU through Belgium, click for e-custom stamp -->REGISTER TOURIST
    Then you can upload documents + boarding pass.example boarding pass
  5. To verify : if you are a shop, click -->Verify invoices
    ONLY for shops!!- consult the documents & E-Cert.
  6. Login Taxfree : if you registered as tourist for export, click -->Upload invoices or valid tickets
    ONLY for tourists!!- Upload export documents.